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Welcome to the forum of the Dutch Subaru Minibus Club!

Welcome to the forum of the Dutch Subaru Minibus Club!
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Forum tips - Read this firstHow do you add picture and what could you better leave out of topics and reactions? You'll find it here.3 topics · 3 postsLaatste bericht: Adding photos to your topic · 11 months ago · SubieLibero
Introduce yourselfIf you want to introduce youself, this is the place to do so.1 onderwerp · 3 postsLaatste bericht: I am SubieLibero · 11 months ago · SubieLibero
Libero'sLast post
Projects/improvements/patching upDo you want share how you are fixing your Subaru Libero? Feel free to post it here.3 topics · 21 postsLaatste bericht: Project: E12 viercilinder · 6 days ago · Dennis
Parts that Subaru doesn't make (anymore).I and others may try to reproduce parts that Subaru doesn't make anymore. This is also the place to discuss new, self invented parts!7 topics · 50 postsLaatste bericht: 65450TA000 / 65450TA010 - Kantelda … · 3 weeks ago · SubieLibero
ShowroomDo you have some nice pictures of your van, or do you have a collection of brochures? You may even have a camper or workshop build into you van. It doesn't matter what it is, if you want to share it, this is the place to do so.2 topics · 3 postsLaatste bericht: Subaru Libero brochure/prijslijst · 3 months ago · SubieLibero
Help wantedLast post
Engine problemsNeed help with solving engine problems? Post it here.0 topics · 0 postsNo topics yet.
No topics yet.
Electrical problemsThis is the thread for all your electrical problems.0 topics · 0 postsNo topics yet.
No topics yet.
Gearbox problemsTrouble with the gearbox? Maybe there's someone here that could help.0 topics · 0 postsNo topics yet.
No topics yet.
Problemen met de remmerijAls je problemen met de remmerij hebt kan je dat hier plaatsen.0 topics · 0 postsNo topics yet.
No topics yet.
I don't know what's wrongIf you don't know what's wrong, you can discuss that here.1 onderwerp · 10 postsLaatste bericht: Sporadisch wegvallens vermogen en … · 4 months ago · SubieLibero
Discussion placeLast post
Suggestions for the clubSuggestions or ideas for the club? Discuss them here.0 topics · 0 postsNo topics yet.
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Nice routes and sightsNice roads or locations that you could recommend to other Libero owners. It can be anything: narrow winding dike roads, polder roads, mountain passes, cozy caf├ęs that you visited, etc.2 topics · 4 postsLaatste bericht: The Rechtestraat located in De Rijp · 1 year ago · SubieLibero
Other subjectsDiscussion place for the most diverse topics about the Libero.1 onderwerp · 2 postsLaatste bericht: Motorolie. 5W30, of toch 10W40? · 5 months ago · SubieLibero
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