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Overview of parts that Subaru no longer makes.

In this topic I maintain a list of parts that are not available to order anymore. If you see parts here and think: 'hey someone in my network might be able to do something for this'. Feel free to send me an e-mail via or post a comment in this topic.

I also made a spreadsheet with the same info that's mentioned below. In this spreadsheet you've got the option to choose between the KJ and the FA in the bottom bar. If I set it up correctly, anyone should be able to edit the spreadsheet, so feel free to add parts yourself as well: SMBCNL - Onderdelen die Subaru niet meer maakt

Onderdelen voor de KJ (1984-1993):

  1. [...] - Achterveren 
  2. [...] - Remschoenen van achterremmen
    • Iemand op het forum heeft de remplaten van de FA (1993-1999) op de KJ gemonteerd. Op de handremkabels na past het één op één. Het voordeel is dat de remschoenen van de FA veel makkelijker te krijgen zijn, want die zijn hetzelfde als die voor een Suzuki Alto.


Onderdelen voor de FA (1993-1999):

  1. 20380TA000 - Bump stop rear suspension
  2. 22312KA221 - Pipe where the vacuum sensor is connected to
  3. 22433KA350 (old number: 22433KA301) - Ignition coil
  4. 65450TA000 & 65450TA010 - Hinges of the front sunroof.
    • Not available from Subaru anymore. I've modeled them on the computer, but am looking for someone who can make these.
  5. 66351TA180 - Radio frame
  6. Door rubbers
    • There are companies that make customized rubbers, I have not emailed or called them yet.
  7. Windows
    • This is not cheap, Pilkington can reproduce these windows, but the molds only would costs anywere between €2500 and €3000. For that price you also get a windshield. For the windows that follow, they don't have to make that mold again.
    • Via Autoglas Mobil, a car window suppier in the middle of the German Ruhrgebiet, I bought two wind shields back in the day. However it seems that they are sold out by now.
  8. Mud guards
  9. Gear for the electric motor that drives the panorama roof
  10. Heat shields of the exhaust
    • These are rusted away on basically every Libero. Here in Holland you cannot get them anymore, I accidentally orded the last pieces Subaru The Netherlands had laying around. I'm planning on making these heat shields in the future.
  11. Alternator
    • Kost bij Subaru zo'n €900, maar het is niet duidelijk of die nog leverbaar is. Naast de leverbaarheid is de prijs ronduit belachelijk voor een 60A 12V dynamo.
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