You can upload your photo here

Here, you can send in photos of vans you spotted.

Have you come across one and taken a picture of it yourself? Feel free to send these photo(s)!

You can send me as many photos as you like. I will blur the license plates and faces for you.

The photos will be placed on the website after approval.


With this form you can send the photos.

The photos which you can upload here are stored on the hard disks of the website. The photos are only shown on the 'Gespot'-page, I will never use them in any other way. However, other internet users can download and share these pictures whenever they want. For more information see:

Please note the following when posting a photo (GDRP privacy law):

  • You need to have permission of the people in the photo to share the photo online.
  • Please check if you deleted the location data that could be saved in the EXIF-data of the photo.


Removing EXIF-data with Windows, Apple MaxOS and iOS or Android (Dutch):