Buying a Libero

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You have become so enthusiastic about the Libero that you now want one too! And maybe you have already noticed: finding a Libero in the Netherlands is difficult. On this page you will find more information about buying a Libero.


Which generation are you looking for?

The Libero has been produced in two generations: the KJ (years 1983 to 1993) and the FA (years 1993 to 1999).

For more information about the KJ, click here, for more information about the FA, see this page. On these pages you will also find the points that you should pay attention to if you want to buy a Libero. For example, the seating belt mounting points in the back of the FA often rust.

For sale in the Netherlands

Buying a car with a Dutch registration number is by far the fastest way. The only condition is that you must be able to find a Libero. That's the problem: until a few years ago, you could regularly see a Libero on the internet, but nowadays they are hardly offered for sale here anymore. There are a few reasons for this:

  • In the 1990s, there were few people who needed a compact passenger van, and the relatively high purchase price did not help either.
  • Liberos are generally not very well maintained (with some exceptions, of course), which is why there are only a few left.
So the chances of finding a Libero in the Netherlands that you can just drive off with are slim, but never say never, so here are the links:

Importing from abroad

One way of purchasing a Libero that has become increasingly common in recent times is to import one from abroad.

There are companies on the internet that offer car importing as a service. Via the Facebook page, for example, the import company FDT Sportcars from Almere was mentioned by someone. I think some garages/dealers also sometimes import cars from abroad.

Finding and importing a Libero can be done by a company, but you can also do it yourself. I don't know how to do that, but the ANWB gives the following information on the subject on this page If you know more about it and want to explain it, feel free to contact me!

  • In Germany Liberos are often for sale on eBay Kleinanzeigen and Just be very careful with Liberos from Berlin and surroundings, there are dealers there who sell cars that absolutely have to pass a technical inspection before you buy them. Holes in chassis beams filled with PUR, that kind of practice.
  • The European offerings are best shown via .
  • Sometimes even Japanese cars are imported. However cars from Japan have the steering wheel on the other side, because they drive on the left there.