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Everything found on the internet about the Libero

There are several places on the internet where you can get information, find parts or simply browse through some leaflets. On this page, I try to present this somewhat clearly. Clicking on the logos below will open the website.

Suggestions, additions or tips are also always welcome, feel free to contact me by clicking on the orange button.

Information: Facebook groups

A lot of information is shared on Facebook. There are several groups active, some of which are listed here. I have ranked them by degree of usefulness: the groups you are most likely to benefit from are at the top.

Subaru Libero International Group

If you have questions about Liberos or need help with problems, I recommend this group. This is where, in my estimation, there is the most knowledge.


C.P.U. Carpart

This is the website of a German who works on his Libero. Among other things, this website sells newly made parts. Matt sets have recently been added. In addition, I think he has many duplicate parts, so if you need anything....

Map showing locations of Libero riders

The website liberomap.com comes from the same pipe as C.P.U. Carpart. It is a map where you can post a pin on so that others can see where all the Liberos are located.

Liberalix - German Liberocollector from Porta Westfalica

The owner of this website has his yard full of Liberos. However they are all parked outside in all weathers, among the nettles.... But if you need parts or advice/help, I think he is always willing to help.

Movies, leaflets, facts

Finally, below are things that are not necessarily useful or helpful, but interesting to click through nonetheless.

How many vans do still drive around in The Netherlands?

Louisz has created a list of all the vans that have APK (the Dutch MOT). This list can be found on the website of the Dutch Subaru Club (Subaru Club Nederland, SCN):

Parking management in Amsterdam

Parking management in the '90. Does anyone has seen these vans back in the day? And where did these vans end up? If you have more information and want to share it with the club, feel free to mail it. I think it would be fun to gather more information about it.

Leaflets of the vans

Always fun to flip through: advertising leaflets from the time when the Libero was new!