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Everything found on the internet about the Libero

Wat do we do here?

On this page we gather everything that comes across on the internet. Folders, information, just everything related to the Subaru vans.

You found something that needs to be added to the list? Mail it!

De list of internet links.

Liberalix.de is the website of Heinrich Kühme. He collect Liberos and filled his whole garden with these vans. They are just parked outside, so not all of them are in a very good state. I have been there once, and I think it looks more like a car scrapyard. But anyways, some are actually still in good condition.

If you need parts or help, I think he is quite helpful.

This question is asked quite a few times, I was also curious to find the answer.
Louisz has created a list of all the vans that have APK (the Dutch MOT). This list can be found on the website of the Dutch Subaru Club (Subaru Club Nederland, SCN): https://www.subaruclub.nl/forum/viewtopic.php?f=45&t=97930

Thanks Louisz!

I found this video on the internet. Parking management in the '90. Transporting wheel clamps this way has style, right? Does anyone has seen these vans back in the day? And where did these vans end up?

If you have more information and want to share that with the club, please contact me! I think it's fun to see if we can gather more information about these wheel clamp vans.

Klik on this link for the video of 'Blik op de Weg'.

Subarublog.wordpress.com is a nice site to have a look around. They have a page about the vans. It's not super up-to-date anymore, but still fun to have a look at.