Due to the lockdown the webshop is closed for international orders. Orders that have been placed before the 19th of December will still be processed and shipped.

Welcome in the shop

In 'De winkel' (which means 'The shop' in English) we sell parts that Subaru doesn't make anymore.

These parts are re-designed and produced by fellow Subaru Libero fans or me and are sold in this shop. If you make some nice parts for the Subaru Libero yourself and want to sell them here, feel free to mail me at info@subaruminibusclub.nl.

By clicking on 'Leave the shop' you'll be directed back to the normal site.

Which generation do you have?

KJ (1983 - 1993)
FA (1993 - 1999)

The place to talk and discuss about new parts!

Some parts are no longer supplied by Subaru. If you notice that the Subaru workshop can no longer order the part, you can post this part on the forum. Then we can all discuss and see if we can perhaps make that part again. You can also use the forum to share your self-made replacements.


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