The name

Is it Libero, E-Wagon or E12?

In the service manuals they are named according to the engine displacement: E10, for the 1st generation with the 1.0L, E12 for the 1st or 2nd generation with the 1.2L.

After E10 or E12, a second name was usually added, which was depended on the country where the van was sold originally.
In The Netherlands the sticker on the rear gate mentioned 'E12 E-wagon' for example, but in Germany they called it the Libero. In Belgium it's the Combi, in Norway the Columbuss, in the UK the Sumo and in Japan the Domingo.

Domingo means 'sunday' in Spanish. That's exactly what Subaru had in mind with the Domingo: a spare time vehicle; open sunroof, great view through the windows and make fun.

Furthermore, because of the rectangular shape, they are very spacious and therefore quite practical. Helping someone move gives you the opportunity to make fun of everyone else, guaranteed! You slalom around some posts and then simply park it in front of the door. Hazards on, open the sliding doors and load up!
I once managed to fit a bed including a mattress, a desk, a closet and some other stuff in the Libero (all at the same time). You will be surprised how much does actually fit in it!